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Become an AWS Cloud Club Captain in your Region

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·Feb 13, 2023·

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Become an AWS Cloud Club Captain in your Region

This article is for students, so if you know about AWS or Cloud Computing and are currently enrolled in any University or College then you are at the right place.

AWS is a leading Cloud Computing platform which provides users to create Industry Lead Applications also it provides many services that you can directly add to your project and make scalable applications.

AWS also promotes many community programs where students and professionals can easily learn and enhance their career.

AWS Cloud Club Captain is a program for student developers to lead Cloud Clubs in your region. In these Cloud Clubs, college students will be able to learn and grow more about AWS and Cloud Computing.

The Cloud Club Captain must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Enrolled in college, university or learning on their own.

  2. Interested in creating peer-to-peer learning experiences for the student local community.

  3. Looking for perks and guidance in their career.

  4. Especially, curious about skilling up in AWS.

  5. Looking to build up my career and network.

Cloud Clubs are opened for selected Regions: Australia, Bangladesh, France, India, Ireland, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States. So, if you belong to these 10 regions, you can easily apply for AWS Cloud Club Captains.

Why this program?

If you are interested in learning about cloud computing, building a career in this field and helping other students to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the cloud computing industry, then this program is for you. Let's build an impressive community among students and encourage them to learn, grow build connections in your college region.

Also, you can check out this video on youtube which clearly explains why you should apply. The application will close on 19th February 2023.

Visit the Official AWS Site: https://aws.amazon.com/developer/community/students/

Fill Application Form: https://pulse.buildon.aws/application/NJAZTKXV

Hopefully, this article is helpful, Happy Learning :)

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